Monday, October 1, 2012

Justin Bieber Comes Down With Gnarly Case of 'Bieber Fever' During Arizona Concert

Justin Bieber apparently came down with his own version of Bieber Fever during his concert last night, and it wasn't pretty. The star threw up onstage in Glendale, Arizona, the first stop of his Believe tour! 

Despite puking in front of thousands of fans, the show went on. The Biebs was actually an amazing sport about the whole thing. He told the crowd: "It's hard for me, you know, not feeling great and throwing up in front of a bunch of people," he said. "Will you love me even though I'm throwing up on stage?"

Of course, this only caused the stadium to erupt in cheers and applause.

The singer had to leave the stage twice during the show because of his illness, but he powered through like a champ. "OK. I wanted to give you my best show ever, so do you mind if I finish it?" he said.

The star made it through the entire show and even dedicated "One Less Lonely Girl" to his dear friend, Avalanna Routh, a six-year-old who died of brain cancer last week. "If you're listening, I love you," he said, looking up. He later tweeted: "Goodnight Avalanna. Tonight was for u. I love u"

Bieber hasn't said what ailed him at the show, but he did tweet: "And .... Milk was a bad choice! Lol"

In any case, he made sure to get plenty of rest so he's better for his show Sunday night in Las Vegas. The Biebs tweeted: "Great show. Getting better for tomorrow's show !!!! Love u" alongside his best pouty face.


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