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More Reasons to Shop online

More Reasons to Shop online
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Poll: How Badly Do You Want to See Pattinson and Stewart Walk the Red Carpet Together


(Bauer Griffin)more pics »With less than two months to go before Breaking Dawn - Part 2 hits theaters, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reportedly gotten back together. That dull thumping noise you hear is the sound of the film's producers and marketing brass jumping up and down with glee. 

Though the actress broke the Brits heart, an anonymous "insider" told Us this week that Edward has welcomed Bella back into his life. Either the two couldn't possibly handle being apart any longer, or they believed a well timed reconciliation could help boost the final Twilight film's revenue. Whatever the case, things should certainly end up far less awkward at the movie's premiere. Question is: 
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TV Roundup: Lindsay Lohan is 'Elizabeth Taylor Reincarnated,' According to Co-Star


Elizabeth Taylor is the role that Lindsay Lohan was always destined to play. At least according to her co-star. Plus, AMC doesn't want DISH customers to miss out on the premiere of The Walking Dead and CBS' Sherlock Holmes reboot Elementary premiered big. Oh, and there might be a Downton Abbey prequel in the works, which definitely calls for sherry toast.

Liz Taylor is Possibly Rolling Over in Her Grave
Lifetime is really milking this Lindsay Lohan thing for all it's worth. A new behind the scene featurette for the upcoming TV movie Liz & Dick, about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's tumultuous romance, puts Lohan's comeback front and center.

"Her first starring role in 5 years" the video boasts. "Lindsay in back" it blusters. Lohan's co-star, Grant Bowler, who plays Taylor's on-again-off-again husband, even goes so far as to say that the actress is "pretty much Elizabeth Taylor reincarnated." Bowler also added that Lindsay was "excellent to work with."

For her part, Lindsay says that she feels a unique connection to Elizabeth Taylor, who also dealt with intense public scrutiny. "I relate to her on a lot of levels," the often trouble star says. "Living in the public eye, dealing with the stress of what other people say, whether it's true or not."

Liz & Dick premieres this November on Lifetime. You can check out a preview here.

Magic in the Air
Once Upon a Time doesn't premiere its highly-anticipated second season until Sunday, but we've seen the episode and we've got 11 not-too-spoilery tidbits for fans of the fairy tale drama.Click on over to get the scoop! It's oh-so-magical.

 Debuts Big, Last Resort So-So

CBS' new Sherlock Holmes drama, Elementary, had a strong first showing, nabbing 13.3 million viewers (3.1 in the 18-49 demo). The drama won the 10pm timeslot and improved on its Person of Interest lead in. The night's other buzzy new drama, Last Resort, didn't fare quite so well in the heavily competitive 8pm hour, which also featured the return of The Big Bang Theory and another night of X Factor auditions. The submarine drama launched to 9.1 million viewers with a 2.2 in the youth demo. Those ratings are just barely above what Charlie's Angels did in the same slot last season. If you haven't seen Last Resortyet, do yourself a favor and check it out. 

Ding! Breaking Bad Villain Heads to American Horror Story
Mark Margolis, who played the wheelchair-bound drug lord Hector Salamanca on Breaking Bad, has been cast in a recurring role on American Horror Story: Asylum. Margolis will play a character named Sam Goodwin, but that's the only detail FX has revealed about the role.American Horror Story returns for its second season on Oct. 17. Jessica LangeZachary QuintoLily RabeAdam LevineJenna DewanChloe Sevigny, and more famous faces star in the spooky series, set in a 1960s asylum for the criminally insane. 

Walking Dead: 1, DISH: 0
The DISH network has stopped carrying AMC, but don't fret Walking Dead fans. AMC plans to live stream the Season 3 premiere on the AMC website so that fans won't miss a minute. The live stream will air at the exact same time as the episode (Sunday, Oct. 14 at 9pm EST/6pm PST). Take that, DISH. 

Before They Were Crawleys

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes recently revealed to BBC that he'd love to do a prequel that explores the early courtship of Earl and Lady Grantham. "They had a slightly troubled courtship, because she was in love with him before they married, as we know, and he married her entirely for her money," he mused during the Bafta Screenwriters' Lecture series. Yeah, we would totally watch that. Read full story.

DVR Watch
The girls attempt to bring video game characters to life on America's Next Top Model: College Edition (CW, 8pm), CSI: NY opens its ninth season with the death of a fire chief (CBS, 8pm),Fringe returns for its final season with Peter and Etta searching for Olivia in Observer-ruled 2036 (Fox, 9pm), Grimm has Nick being followed by a dark force as he tries to reconnect with Juliette (NBC, 9pm), Made in Jersey — about a Jersey girl working at an elite NYC law firm — premieres (CBS, 9pm), Blue Bloods opens its third season with a criminal seeks revenge on Danny by abducting Jackie (CBS, 10pm), Barbarians run amok on Haven (Syfy, 10pm), andFashion Police dissects the 2012 Emmy night fashion hits and misses (E!, 10pm). 

TV's Most Influential Women 2012
Most Influential Women Under 30  |  Most Influential TV Personalities
Most Influential on Social Media  |  Most Influential Behind the Scenes
Most Influential Actresses
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Celebrity Roundup: Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas are Never Ever Getting Back Together...Or Are They?


Getty Images

Joe Jonas dumped Taylor Swift on the phone back in 2008, but after four years they've put their differences behind them. But, don't get any wild ideas: They're never, ever, ever,ever getting back together. Don't worry, Conor Kennedy

All that seems to be behind them now, though. The unnamed, highly credible source also toldUs Weekly that they even had a "friendly heart-to-heart." How mature! Maybe Jonas was making sure Swift's "We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together" really isn't about him. (Watch the song's music video above and you'll see the guy in it looks much more like Jake Gyllenhaal, anyway.)

Anyway, said insider also noted that things were not so peachy between Jonas and his other ex at the show, Demi Lovato. Apparently they just completely avoided each other the whole time at the two-day festival. 

JT Already Up for Husband of the Year
If anyone doubts JustinDenver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game SevenTimberlake will be a husband toJessica Biel, they should go talk to his former 'N Sync bandmate. Joey Fatone says tying the knot will be great for his pal. "Not much is going to change," Fatone said. "He's a great dude, and he's very focused on what he does and everything else, and I'm sure this will bring out the best."

In fact, Fatone says it's like the couple's already married. "He's been with her for a long time, so it's basically a piece of paper," the Dancing with the Stars contestant said. "That's what me and my wife [Kelly Baldwin] were like, and we've been together over 18 years now." 

No Mom Jeans Allowed
Jennifer Garner put away her mom jeans and hit the red carpet Thursday night at the premiere of her new movie, Butter. She wore a stunning strapless red Gucci dress that showed off her toned arms, which are probably a result of lugging her three kids around town all of the time.Jennifer+Garner in Celebs at the 'Butter' Premiere
Co-Stars, But Not a Couple 
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz would make a really hot couple, but they're not actually dating, contrary to recent rumors. "It's false," Cruise's rep told E! News of the relationship report. "They are friends." 

The two-time co-stars are both single though. Diaz was most recently in a really long on-again, off-again relationship with Alex Rodriguez. Cruise and Katie Holmes called it quits over the summer.

60 Minutes of True Life
Arnold Schwarzenegger sat down with a 
60 Minutes reporter recently to discuss his new memoir, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story. And, of course, reporter Lesley Stahl asked him about the love child and his affair with his family's former housekeeper. While he wouldn't say his actions were a "betrayal," he did sayof the affair: "I think it was the stupidest thing I've done in the whole relationship. It was terrible. I inflicted tremendous pain on Maria and unbelievable pain on the kids."
The former Governator's book hits shelves Monday. Catch the full 60 Minutes interview Sunday evening.
Cute Family Photo of the Day
Gwen Stefani and son Zuma take a walk.
Gwen Stefani Out With Her Son
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25 Reasons to Love Hilary Duff on Her 25th Birthday


(Pacific Coast News)Hilary Duff turned 25 today, and the young star has plenty of reason to celebrate. She's beautiful, has an adorable baby, and is married to a (retired) hockey player. But that's not all the former Disney star has going for her. In fact, there's so much to love about Duff, we've come up with 25 reasons in honor of her big day. 

1. She's married to a former NHL star - Duff married former hockey player Mike Comrie in August 2010. 

2. She has an adorably bald baby 

3. That baby's name is Luca - Which means he's destined to become an Italian soccer star

4. She's kept clean - Unlike a lot of other former Disney stars, she's never been to rehab, or even been arrested. 

5. She's a humanitarian - Duff donated $250,000 to Hurricane Katrina's victims. 

6. She cares for the kids - Duff's a member of Kids with a Cause, a charity that aims to provide solutions to child poverty, and other serious issues. 

Hilary+Duff in Hilary Duff Lands at LAX7. She also loves animals - Duff, who wanted to be a veterinarian when she was a kid, has said she's a strong animal rights supporter. 

8. She dated Aaron Carter - Who, like, is obviously the greatest white rapper who ever lived.

9. She can dance - Duff's no Billy Elliot, but she did tour Texas in her youth as a part of a ballet troup. 

10. She's got talented siblings - Hilary's sister, Haylie, has starred in a number of TV shows and films, including 7th Heaven and Napoleon Dynamite. 

11. She's produced her own movies - Nearly 2.5 million people watched Beauty & the Briefcase when it originally aired on ABC Family in 2010. That's almost as many people who tune in to Honey Boo Boo each week. 

12. Her Kevin Bacon number is really low - Duff and Frankie Muniz appeared in Agent Cody Banks. Muniz and Bacon appeared in My Dog Skip

13. She's tiny - Duff stands just 5'2" tall. 

14. She knows a good '90s comedy when she sees one - Duff's favorite film is Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. (IMDb)

15. She's an entrepreneur - Her clothing line, "Stuff by Duff," grossed $5 million in its first year according to People

16. She has great taste in music - Duff is said to be a huge Janis Joplin fan. (IMDb) 

17. She doesn't just write music - The 25-year-old has written two successful novels, Elixirand Devoted

18. She likened her first pregnancy to being abducted by aliens -  "It's literally like an alien has taken over your body," Duff told MTV News in 2011. 

19. She's a winner - As of 2012, Duff has won 63 of the 98 awards she's been nominated for, including five Teen Choice Awards. 

20. She's a platinum girl - Duff's debut album, Metamorphis, shipped over 5 million copies worldwide. In the U.S., it was certified triple platinum. 

21. She's an international star - As a pop star, Duff has found success all over the world, scoring top 10 albums in Japan, Canada, and the U.K. 

22. She's played Cinderella - In 2004's Cinderella Story

23. Motherhood hasn't slowed her down - Duff confirmed on Twitter and her official website in 2012 that she's working on a new album. 

24. She's not Lindsay Lohan

25. She will, however, always be Lizzie McGuire
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TV's Most Influential Women 2012: Under 30


Nina Dobrev, Lea Michele, and Blake Lively (Getty)

From singing sensations to vampire loving teens, some of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood are on the small screen. But the talented young stars on our list, all under 30, aren't just flavors of the month (well, one might be). Some of them have been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade, while others rose to fame thanks to star-making performances on hit shows. Four of the young ladies on the list come from reality shows, while the rest hail from good ol' scripted TV.

Ratings, social media power, awards, and number of years in the business all informed our final list of 2012's 10 most influential TV women under 30.

1. Lea Michele
Age: 26

Lea Michele has had a whirlwind couple of years. The Broadway actress became an overnight sensation when she was cast in a then little-known project from Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy about a high school Glee club. Three ye`rs later, Michele is a red carpet fixture (her fierce posing skills are renowned) who's been nominated for an Emmy and two Golden Globes. And thanks to Glee's massive iTunes sales, her distinct belting voice is recognizable all over the world. Earlier this month, Lea Michele also inked an endorsement deal with L'OrĂ©al Paris worth a reported $1 million. Not too shabby for a girl from the Bronx. 

Michele is more than just a pretty face and a nice set of pipes, though. She's an inspiration to her young fans, who see themselves in the actress and in her Glee character. Her face is plastered all over websites and Tumblr blogs, and her fans proudly call themselves "Leanatics." She became a big star because of her big talent, and that's not exactly commonplace nowadays. Long after Glee has sung its last song, Lea Michele will still be going strong.

2. Kaley Cuoco
Age: 26

Kaley Cuoco is no overnight success. The beautiful yet goofy actress has been working in Hollywood since she was 6. These days she makes TV audiences laugh every week as Penny onThe Big Bang Theory, which is the highest rated comedy on television. According to TV Guide, Cuoco nets $300,000 per episode on Big Bang, making her one of the highest paid actresses on the small screen. 

Cuoco doesn't court the spotlight the way that some of her contemporaries do, but she still manages to nab her share of attention. In 2011 she was voted #13 on Maxim's Hot 100 list and in 2012 she hosted the People's Choice Awards. Kaley Cuoco is TV's reigning geek queen, and that's just how the young actress likes it.

3. Nina Dobrev
Age: 23

When The Vampire Diaries first hit the tube in 2009, many brushed it off as a Twilight wannabe, eager to ride the coattails of the bloodsucker craze. Three years later, The Vampire Diarieshas proven itself to be a consistently compelling slice of supernatural fun, and series star Nina Dobrev has become one of the most popular young stars on TV. 

The Canadian actress plays Elena Gilbert, an everyday teenager torn between two vampire brothers. Though it's not exactly a ratings powerhouse, The Vampire Diaries audience has proven very loyal and impressively vocal. During episodes the show regularly trends on Twitter and other social media platforms like Get Glue, and Dobrev herself has a staggering 2.6 million Twitter followers. She's also become a fashion fixture — the actress nabbed front row seats at the hottest shows during New York Fashion Week and her Met Ball gown was custom designed by Donna Karan. When Bella Swan is ready to hand over her vampire girl crown, Dobrev is more than ready to take over the title. 

4. The Pretty Little Liars
Age: Lucy Hale (23), Shay Mitchell (25), Troian Bellisario (26),
Ashley Benson (22)

You might not be watching Pretty Little Liars, but your teenager daughters (or sisters or cousins) most certainly are. The ABC Family drama about four high school girls banding together against an anonymous foe named "A," has generated tons of buzz and made stars out of its young cast. Lucy HaleShay MitchellTroian Bellisario, and Ashley Benson have become red carpet fixtures, nabbed sweet endorsement deals with brands like Bongo and American Eagle, and racked up 11 Teen Choice Awards. 

They're also huge in the social media sphere — according to ABC Family, the Season 3 summer finale of Pretty Little Liars generated more than 709,000 tweets. That's about 11,816 tweets for every minute she show was on television. With ample talent and loads of devoted fans, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, and Ashley Benson look poised to have major careers long after their Liar days are through. 

5. Miranda Cosgrove 
Age: 19

At just 19, Miranda Cosgrove is already a Hollywood veteran. She's been acting since she was 3, appearing in commercials and films like School of Rock opposite Jack Black. Cosgrove's star really rocketed when she nabbed the lead role in Nickelodeon's Internet-themed comedy iCarly. Debuting in 2007, the series about teenagers who create their own popular web show is regularly among the top kids' shows on basic cable and has boasted some seriously impressive guest stars, including Michelle ObamaEmma Stone, and boy band sensation One Direction. 

When she's not cracking up the tween set, Miranda Cosgrove is busy building her burgeoning music career and voicing characters in high-profile animated flicks like Despicable Me. The starlet is also attending the University of Southern California and plans to major in either theater or writing. What a smart cookie! 

6. Kylie and Kendall Jenner
Age: Kendall (16), Kylie (15)

When Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe decide it's time to settle down and step out of the spotlight (as if), Kylie and Kendall Jennerare more than ready to carry on the Kardashian family legacy. The teens boast a combined 6.6 million Twitter followers, and have walked the runways during New York Fashion Week. Kendall is even beginning to get into acting (she'll appear onHawaii 5-0 this season). Oh, and they've also got O.P.I. nail colors named after them ("All Kendall-ed Up," "Kendall on the Katwalk," "Wear Something Spar-kylie," and "Rainbow in the S-kylie"). Though they may have a gaggle of ultra-successful siblings, Kendall and Kylie have become little superstars in their own rights. 

7. Blake Lively
Age: 25

Gossip Girl made Blake Lively a star, but Blake Lively also made Gossip Girl the watercooler hit that it was. The actress became an overnight sensation when the CW drama premiered in 2005, but it wasn't just the racy scenes and the dishy drama that had everyone talking — it was Lively's statuesque blond beauty and her mile-long legs. She was old Hollywood glamour mixed with a sun-kissed California vibe, and she was obviously a star. 

Lively has parlayed her small screen good fortune into big screen roles in films like The Town,Green Lantern, and Savages, spreading her wings far beyond Serena van der Woodsen. She's even got her very own celebrity husband, Ryan Reynolds, who she married in a secret ceremony that had gossip mags all atwitter. Gossip Girl may be ending this year, but Blake Lively's reign in Hollywood is clearly just beginning. 

8. Lena Dunham
Age: 26

Unless you were living under a rock this year, you probably heard about GirlsLena Dunham's buzzy HBO comedy that attracted fervid praise and harsh criticism in equal amounts. The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman called the show "one of the most original, spot-on, no-missed-steps series in recent memory." Meanwhile, in a piece titled "What the Hell Was HBO Thinking?", Mother Jones described Girls as "profoundly bland, unstoppably irritating … has all the creative energy and maturity of Are You There, Chelsea?" The Emmys awarded the polarizing show with five nominations, including one for Best Comedy and another for Dunham in the Lead Actress category. 

For the creator, writer, producer, and actress (Dunham wears many, many hats), Girls is just trying to tell an authentic story. "My hope is that the show has a long life and I get to look at so many aspects of what it means to be a woman, of what it means to live in an urban environment. I think it will grow as I grow," she told The New York Times recently. 

9. Kelly Osbourne
Age: 27

She rose to fame as the punky little sis on MTV's The Osbournes, but since then Kelly Osbourne has blazed her own path into the world of entertainment. After a few rough years that involved an addiction to prescription pills and a couple of rehab stints, Osbourne has emerged as a major player in the world of TV fashion. These days you can catch her interviewing Hollywood's biggest stars on the red carpet for E!, and dissecting the latest celebrity style trends on Fashion Police with Joan Rivers. The outspoken star is a sartorial trendsetter in her own right, sporting lavender locks and quirky designer duds. No trend-chasing here, just a larger than life personality and a unique style that's all her own.

10. Honey Boo Boo
Age: 7

Even if you don't like Honey Boo Boo, you probably spent at least part of your summer talking about her. The seven-year-old, whose real name is Alana Thompson, had one of the most talked about new shows to come around in a long time, thanks to her proudly redneck family and their jaw-dropping antics. TLC's Here Comes Honey Boo Boo dominated the summer TV conversations, and also boasted some impressive ratings, even beating out the Republican National Convention during its time slot. It's hard to say just how long America's love affair with Honey Boo Boo will last, but it's safe to say that Alana and the rest of the Thompson family are loving their ride on the 15 Minutes of Fame train.
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